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It seems everyone we’ve seen lately has asked where we’re at in the adoption process. [Thanks for this by the way! It’s so encouraging when others are interested in our journey]. And what we’ve been saying is basically…”Well, our home study is ALMOST approved but not quite yet.” And then there was this “awkward” period where we got told our home study was getting ready to be approved, but we still didn’t have the final confirmation that it had indeed been approved. I know I’m weird, but I kind of just needed the formality piece.

WELL this Wednesday we got the “official” message that our home study was approved!!! My heart immediately filled with joy.Of course it could still be several months [or longer] before a little one joins our family, but the fact that it COULD also happen very, very soon just makes the whole thing seem so much more real to me…

Along with this message several other simultaneous things happened… we completed and submitted our family profile sheet, we got our family profile book approved by our caseworker and ordered six copies of it [this will be the primary means of an expectant mom picking our family], and we got a bill for $6,700 [the second half of our home study fee + our first Bethany program fee]. And PRAISE GOD we were able to pay this right away! God has been so abundantly blessing the financial side of our adoption. We still plan to give a more thorough update of where we’re at with fundraising soon.

AND we also received our first expectant mom scenario!!!!! As we prayed, God quickly gave us peace and joy to say yes to the possibility of being mommy and daddy to this precious baby. Most likely our profile will be viewed many, many times before a mom picks us. (BUT technically it is also possible that we could be chosen this time!!). We have decided that we are not going to share each time we say yes to having our profile shown to a mom, but we do want to share that we have begun the waiting process and are now “officially” being viewed by expectant moms. We may be viewed by 1 or 50 moms before being picked.

Please be praying for this process. We 100% know that God is sovereign and that we will be matched with the baby He has for us. But we also recognize our human hearts that can get emotionally involved. (My momma heart is already pounding with love and anticipation when I think about this first baby that we’ve said “yes” to). Please just pray that God would give us the peace and strength to continue trusting Him and waiting on His timing no matter how long or short our wait might be…